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Affaires militaires, prisonniers de guerre, tome 1 (1940-1945)

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Inspection des camps, dossiers des délégués.



  • Reference codes: F/9/2706
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    Oflags II B, II D, III C, IV B, IV C, IV D.

  • Reference codes: F/9/2707
    See detail

    Oflags V A, V B, V C, VI A, VI D, VII B.

  • Reference codes: F/9/2708
    See detail

    Oflags X B, X C, X D, XI A, XII B, XIII A, XVII A, XVIII A, XXI A, XXI B, XXI C, 6 et 10.

  • Reference codes: F/9/2709
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    Stalags I A, I B, II A.

  • Reference codes: F/9/2710
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    Stalags II B, II C, II D, II E.

  • Reference codes: F/9/2711
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    Stalags III A, III B, III C, III D, IV A.

  • Reference codes: F/9/2712
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    Stalags IV B, IV C, IV D, IV E, IV F, IV G.

  • Reference codes: F/9/2713
    See detail

    Stalags V A, V B, V C, VI A, VI B.

  • Reference codes: F/9/2714
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    Stalags VI C, VI D, VI F, VI G, VI H, VI J, VI K et Stalag 325.

  • Reference codes: F/9/2715
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    Stalags VII A, VII B, VIII A, VIII B, VIII B/Z et camp disciplinaire de Heydebreck, VIII C, VIII D.

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